Wigs for Women

Real Hair Wigs for Women

Real hair wigs for women are more than just a fashion item you’ll find at wig stores. Realistic synthetic wigs and real human hair wigs impart confidence and restore the inner vision of who you are, especially when experiencing hair loss. A wig shop such as Chrysalis Custom Hair serves the Chicago Metropolitan area from downtown Chicago to Naperville, empowering you to be in control of your situation. Our wig specialists take the guesswork out of shopping for wigs online. We offer complimentary private consultations at our wig store. You can see, feel and try on, the different kinds of wigs for women’s hair. We specialize in alopecia wigs, units for  thinning hair, cancer wigs, and a myriad of other hair loss disorders. When looking for a wig store near me or wigs near me call Chrysalis for a wig shop offering a private upscale experience. By appointment only!

Realistic Synthetic and Real Human Hair

Whether you’re looking for the best real human hair wigs or realistic synthetic hair wigs for women–and girls of all ages–we’re here to make your visions a reality. Hair loss can happen for a variety of reasons. Our real hair wigs are worn daily to comfortably maintain one’s looks, including during hair loss due to thinningcancer treatment, genetics, alopecia, over styling, and a multitude of other reasons. A beautiful head of realistic synthetic hair or real human hair is invaluable for feeling like yourself and growing stronger on a daily basis. Your search for wig salons near me isn’t complete until you’ve experienced the Chrysalis difference. Contact us for an appointment and visit our wig shop today. 

The Perfect Wig for Women's Hair Loss

Women’s hair loss is more common than is culturally understood. More than 50% of women will experience notable hair loss in their lifetime. You are not alone! At Chrysalis Custom Hair we work with women’s hair loss everyday. We understand the sensitivities and nuances of your hair loss, and what wigs function best for many conditions ranging from alopecia to cancer treatment. Our team of wig specialists customize wigs that fit so comfortably and perfectly it will be virtually undetectable to others, and the secret is yours to keep. Chrysalis Custom Hair is one of the best wig shops in Chicago and carries an extensive collection of hair textures, lengths, colors and styles. We look forward to walking you through every step of selecting the perfect wig from start to finish.

Quick and Beautiful

A good hair day can make us feel on top of the world. Hair loss can be upsetting because it makes everyday styling a longer process with more self-consciousness. We understand this and welcome women experiencing hair loss into our completely private boutique to find beautiful wigs that work for your budget and lifestyle–making your mornings quick and easy. Evening and Saturday appointments are available to accommodate your busy schedule. We set ourselves apart from other wig places by tailoring our services to your individual needs; then, we create a custom wig to highlight your unique beauty. Whether you come in through a referral or find us by searching for wig shops near me, we thrive on offering personalized attention and unrivaled custom wigs. Please contact us today for more information about getting your own Chrysalis Custom Wig.

Woman wearing black Remy hair wig for medical hair loss
It was a stretch for my budget but I’m so happy I decided to move forward with getting the wig. It’s hard enough to “make it” in an industry that’s 90% men. As a woman, I am expected to dress impeccably, have flawless makeup on every day and have perfect hair. Most of these I can control but the hair situation was getting worse and worse. The “comb over” bun looked anything but professional. My little bun was so tiny there really wasn’t enough to get into a clip without the clip sliding and falling out. I felt helpless. I thought wearing a wig was an indication of weakness. Then my therapist said something that rang so true, “Do what makes you feel good about yourself”. When I see other women who are obviously going through a similar situation, I wish I could share this advice.
Sheri's Story

Remy human hair wigs are the most natural looking wigs and they are also the most costly because they use hand selected natural human hair, usually from a donor’s ponytail, to preserve the cuticles flowing in the same direction. Remy human hair is then hand-tied into the softest wig cap for the most natural looking biological human hair wig that is also considered the softest hair and most comfortable to wear. 

A good wig that looks natural lasts for a longer time. You can find less expensive options online. These are often not constructed as well as one that has been custom made. A custom Chrysalis synthetic will start at $995 and go up from there. Human hair wigs on the low end begin at $1995 but can go as high as $10,000 + depending on the kind of hair, construction of the cap, and lots of other factors. 

If you’re wearing a wig solely for fashion, closure wigs and lace front wigs are considered the best wigs for beginners because they are inexpensive ($100-$200) and offer stylish options that mimic your natural hairline. That said, if you’re exploring wigs for the first time because of a cancer treatment, progressive alopecia, or thinning hair you may want to consider more flexibility and comfortable from higher quality wigs online($600-$2000) that can be worn daily, last longer, and use hand-tied natural human hair to provide the most effortless to wear, natural looking hair wig. A wig from a wig store that has been fitted by hand will look better, feel more comfortable, and not be itchy.  A wig from a store will cost significantly more than an online wig.

While Raquel Welch and Jon Renau are some of the most famous names for wig wearers, these wigs can also easily cost $10,000 or more–largely based on brand recognition. The best wigs are custom wigs for women created and styled specifically for your comfort, head shape, style, length, texture, material, and color choices. A brand like Chrysalis Custom Hair allows you to try on multiple wigs, then choose and customize a one-of-a-kind synthetic or human hair wig that is perfect for you.

No, wigs do not prevent hair growth. Our wig experts often use the example of a pair of jeans to illustrate how safe wearing a wig is for hair growth and regrowth. You can shave your legs and wear jeans over them every day, and still–as women know–leg hair is going to continue to grow back. Fortunately, the hair on your head works the same way, and it will continue to grow back even while you wear a wig. Learn more about wigs and hair growth.