Does Wearing a Wig Prevent Hair Growth?

Do Wigs Stop Hair Growth?

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, a question is often asked, “When my hair growing back will wearing a wig slow down the growth?” While it is normal to be anxious to get back your natural hair, it is also important to give it time to grow in. Wearing a wig while your hair grows back in will not cause damage to your hair, scalp or follicles. In fact, you can use your wig to ease the transition back to your natural hair after finishing chemotherapy.  Your hair will continue to grow at the same rate wether you wear a cancer wig or cap.

The easiest way to understand why a wig will not hurt your hair growing back is to think of it as just another type of accessory you wear. Since it merely covers your head, it cannot damage any hair that grows in underneath. Our wig experts often use the example of a pair of jeans to illustrate how safe wearing a wig is for hair growth. You can shave your legs and wear jeans every day, but that hair is going to grow back. The hair on your head fortunately works the same way. Otherwise, wearing hats would cause hair to fall out.

It is important to be aware that hair does not grow back immediately post-treatment. In fact, it can be a month or two before you see any real regrowth. Then, your hair will slowly grow back in over the course of several months or years depending upon your desired hair length. Wearing your wig during this time will give you confidence and let you decide when you are ready to wear your natural hairstyle.

Waiting on your hair to grow back in requires patience, but it will happen. If you have any questions about cancer wigs or chemo hair loss please contact us today. We are here to help.