Barbecuing in a Wig – Not a Good Idea!

Barbecuing in a Wig – Not a Good Idea!

If you wear a wig due to alopecia, cancer treatment, or thinning hair you may be wondering if barbecuing in a wig is going to present a problem. It depends on the kind of wig you wear. In this blog we are referring strictly to synthetic wigs.

Synthetic wigs are made from plastic which may contain acrylic fibers, polyester, or polyvinyl.   When we at Chrysalis Custom Hair shape a synthetic wig we use a special steam machine. We gently heat the fibers and bend them into the desired shape. We always explain to guests to NEVER use any sort of heat on their synthetic wig or it will surely melt. Even washing in hot water can change the shape.   Now, think about how hot a barbecue needs to be to cook that big juicy steak!

You know how when you open the barbecue you get a big blast of heat in your face? That blast is usually at least 350 degrees.  We know that synthetic wigs can tolerate ZERO heat.  Without doubt your wig will singe or melt if you barbecue in a wig!


  • Have someone else do the grilling. To avoid cooking your wig along with your steak have someone else put it on and take it off the grill
  • Stand off to the side.  This one is tricky and risky. Depending on the size and type of grill you’re using you may be able to stand an arms length away and get the top opened without damaging your beautiful wig.
  • Wear a hat or scarf.  Wearing a scarf or hat will help the fibers not come directly into contact with the heat. If even one strand is sticking out it will likely burn.
  • Even pulling it back will not ensure that the front won’t burn.

The best way to grill that steak and have your wig stay intact and lovely is to sit back with a cool beverage and let someone else do the cooking.