Do You Have To Take Off Your Wig At The Airport?

Do You Have To Take Your Wig Off At The Airport?

Take your wig off at the airport? NO! Even if your wig is held in place by metal clips, you will not have to take your wig off while going through TSA. Simply inform TSA that you are wearing a wig, and they may wand your hair and gently feel your wig, while you hold it down, to ensure you are not concealing a weapon. In 99.9% of cases, that will suffice. In the rare instance that a TSA employee feels there is a threat in your hair, and wants you to remove your wig, simply request a private room where you can de-wig. 

Can You Wear A Wig Through TSA?

Yes, you can wear a wig through TSA, and with very rare exceptions, you will not have to take it off. Read on to learn about what to expect when traveling with your wig(s). After appointments, treatments, and maybe even some surgeries, you finally have the strength to take a much-needed break for some time to enjoy yourself. While packing for your trip, something crosses your mind, “Am I going to get stopped by airport security because I’m wearing a wig?” When you’re planning a vacation, wearing custom wigs through security should be the least of your worries, but women who do not want to feel anxiety about taking off their wig in public may be concerned about it.

It makes a lot of sense to be concerned. After going to great lengths to have a wig that looks just like your hair you shouldn’t have to take it off in front of hundreds of travelers. You’re right to ask the question because of the metal clips that often hold a wig in place, and yes, sometimes these clips set off the metal detector. So why are we confident that you will not have to take off your wig in public? Because we’ve been there and done that. Don’t worry, 99% of the time you should not have problems with TSA because of traveling with your wig. 

While we know how “comprehensive” the TSA agents can be (seriously, you need a separate travel agenda to keep up with all of the TSA regulations), we also hope that they won’t be concerned about your wig. The scanners that they use can scan right over your wig just like they do with your clothes.  

We stopped and asked a TSA agent at O’hare International Airport what is the TSA wigs protocol.  She said the only time that you would need to take your wig off for any TSA agent is if they suspect that you may be carrying something under the wig after they have scanned you. If this happens, you would be taken into a private room with a female TSA agent where nobody else can see you take your wig off of your head. The TSA agents are trained to handle these situations and will do it while keeping your dignity intact. 

Now that you know you’ll be just fine traveling with a wig, contact us to find a comfortable wig you can wear on vacation. 



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