Applying Makeup In a Wig

Makeup Before or After Wig?

Applying makeup in a wig can be a bit confusing but hopefully our tips and tricks will help you figure out the best way of doing this.

As you adjust to wearing a wig for the first time or during cancer treatment, you may wonder how your wig is going to affect your makeup routine. Do you put on makeup on first or put on your wig first, and then do your makeup? Thankfully, your makeup routine doesn’t have to change much. Chrysalis Custom Hair will help point out a few things you need to keep in mind or you can call us directly to schedule an appointment.

Put your makeup on before your wig

You can apply your makeup the same way you did before you began your cancer treatment. Begin by applying an oil free moisturizer followed by a primer. Allow the primer to set for at least 15 minutes before applying an oil-free foundation. If you normally use a bronzer make sure to not apply at the top of your forehead or the lace may look very dark. After you have finished applying your makeup, carefully put on your wig. For a more natural appearance, we recommended using pressed powder in a shade that matches your skin tone. You can carefully sweep the powder over the lace line, where the lace front meets your forehead. Use a powder brush to gently blend the powder into the lace. When you notice the lace front has begun to darken, it’s time to clean it. Watch our youtube vlog post for further instructions on how to clean your wig.


Choose your beauty products carefully

Though you won’t have to change how you apply makeup when wearing a wig , you may have to change the products that you use. Makeup products are often filled with harsh chemicals. As you go through cancer treatment, you may experience changes that cause your skin to be more sensitive than it was before. To avoid irritation, choose makeup and moisturizers that are allergen free. This may mean replacing your favorite products temporarily. Check to see if your favorite brands offer solutions for sensitive skin. Often you can find products that provide the same appearance and quality with a more gentle formula.

Applying makeup when wearing a wig doesn’t need to be difficult. Your makeup routine doesn’t have to go through a major overhaul just because you are wearing a wig. If you have questions about how to put on your wig with makeup or need more information about getting a real hair wig or synthetic hair wig, visit one of our stylists at  Chrysalis Custom Hair in Elmhurst, IL.