Argan Oil on a Wig

Argan Oil For Human Hair Wigs

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, we recommend you use Argan Oil on your human hair wig to condition it. Because your wig does not receive moisture from the natural oils on your scalp, the way that your natural hair would, custom wigs can become dry and stiff with the change in seasons. We recommend argan oil without additives (that can damage the wig hair). Read on to learn more or schedule a consultation today!


Argan: The Best Oil For Human Hair Wigs

Argan oil offers many benefits for human hair wigs. This lightweight oil nourishes and strengthens hair, protects it from sun and heat damage and allows the wig hair to retain its body. It is also chock full of good stuff including antioxidants, essential fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. You can use Argan oil on your wig regardless of whether it is a straight hair wig, a wavy wig or a curly wig. As you’re looking for the right argan oil, avoid argan oil with additives that can damage the hair.

The brand of Argan oil DOES matter. Some Argan oils have tint or other additives that may discolor your wig. While this color may not affect your biological hair it can have disastrous results when put on a wig. At Chrysalis we carry a clear Argan based serum that moisturizes well and does not damage the hair. If you’d like to use any other Argan product, try a test area for a few days in a place that no one sees. If the hair doesn’t seem extra dry or change colors it may be alright to use on your wig. Just be sure not to use Argan oil on your synthetic hair wig.

Can You Use Argan Oil On Synthetic Wigs?

We do not recommend using Argan oil on your synthetic wig. To care for your synthetic wig you want to wash it with synthetic wig shampoo and wig conditioner, selecting products specifically formulated for wig fibers. Your synthetic wig can be washed once-a-week or approximately every 7-10 wears. After washing and conditioning your wig, let it air dry by hanging it loosely on a wig stand, but avoid hanging it on a mannequin head while it dries, as this can stretch your wig cap. To maintain the shine, style, and longevity of your synthetic wig you can also brush your wig, and use a non-oil shine. We also help our clients prepare to care for their synthetic wig during our Chicago wigs consultation.

Follow these simple steps to use Argan oil on your wig:

  • Pour a pea-sized amount of oil in one hand and rub hands together until you have an even distribution on both
  • Begin two inches from the cap and work your way down, apply oil by running your hands through the hair. Never apply oil directly to the cap! This can cause slippage in the knots and could result in hair loss
  • Apply oil about once every few days or when you notice the hair becoming fluffy or difficult to manage.

You should never apply coconut oil to your wig. While coconut oil is wonderful for many purposes, it can ruin your wig. It can  make the knots in your wig slick and result in pieces falling out. You should not apply coconut oil to your scalp at night if you are planning to wear a wig. It can seep into your pores and get into the wig the next time you wear it.

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