Can You Change The Part On A Wig?

How To Change The Part On A Synthetic Wig

The answer is, yes, but please be careful, and schedule a consultation, especially with synthetic wigsWith both a synthetic wig and a natural hair wig, it is possible to move the part on a wig. The difference is how much time it takes and whether you can do it on your own. Synthetic hair wigs are made from a form of plastic. In order to move the part on a synthetic wig, you should consider taking your synthetic wig in to a professional wig expert. Wig makers use special tools to heat the wig and move the part on a wig. You can damage your synthetic wig if you attempt to do this at home! The material of the plastic of the wig can easily be melted by someone who does not know what they are doing. 

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, one of the things we love about our wigs is the ability to change the part and style our wigs to complement our mood. We can wear it up to show some elegance or put it in braids for a more playful look. When you get a wig, you want to be able to have the same freedom with your hair and we’ll equip you for success. So you may be wondering if you can move the part on a human hair wig? The answer is yes. 

How To Change the Part On A Human Hair Wig

Moving the part on a human hair wig is much easier. This is because these wigs have a mono-top. A mono-top is a piece of the wig that has individual hairs tied into it. This means you can part the hair in any direction. To change the part in your human hair wig, simply spritz the area where you want the part with some water. Comb your hair into the position you want and then blow dry. It's that easy. If you have a hair or two that won't cooperate just use a little more water or a spritz or hairspray.

If you have questions about changing the part on your wig or need any help with your Chrysalis Custom Hair wig, contact us today to talk to one of our hair specialists.