Human Hair Wig -Can My Regular Stylist Cut It?

Where Can I Get My Wig Cut Near Me?

At Chrysalis Custom Hair, one of our frequently asked questions is “can my regular stylist cut my wig?” with a follow up question “where can I get my wig cut?” Human hair wigs seem just like your regular biological hair, and it would makes sense to think that your trusted hair stylist would be able to cut it. However, there are many components of naturally growing hair that do not apply to a custom wig, and that’s why it is essential to have a professional wig specialist cut your wig. Making the transition from your real hair to custom wigs can be a tough one, with new ways to take care of your wigs. We’ll do everything within our power to make it the best transition possible, and part of this transition is having a trusted partner, usually a wig maker, wig store, or wig specialist cut and style your wigs. Read more to learn about why regular stylists may not be your best option for cutting and styling your wig or schedule a consultation to cut your wig today.

A Wig Expert is Best Suited to Cut a Wig

We often hear from prospective clients, “I want to take my new human hair wig to my stylist and I want her to cut it .” This makes sense, considering you want your wig to look just like your natural hair. You have trusted your stylist for years with your hair and he or she knows exactly how you like it.  You can trust us to cut your cancer wig exactly how you want it and fit it perfectly. The one and only thing we, the Chrysalis Team, do is custom wigs. Thus, everyone on the team is a seasoned expert in cutting, coloring, and styling wigs.

Cutting a human hair wig is a totally different ball game from cutting biological hair and our stylists are experts. We recommend letting us cut your wig. Each wig is made to support different styles. Long hair wigs are made to support the weight of long hair.  Pixie wigs are designed to look cute short. So, only a wig stylist knows how to cut a wig properly. Also, if your stylist makes a mistake on your wig it is not going to grow back.

So when it comes to cutting, coloring and styling your new custom wig from Chrysalis Custom Hair, contact us today and let us fashion a wig for you that will make you feel confident and beautiful.  Everyday is a good hair day in a Chrysalis Custom Hair wig!

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