Tuck Your Wig Behind Your Ears

Can You Tuck Your Wig Behind Your Ears?

Yes. You can tuck your custom wig behind your ears. Since you will likely wear your wig on a regular basis, you may be wondering if you can tuck your wig behind your ears? Will it retain the natural look that helps ensure no one will know you are wearing a wig? At Chrysalis Custom Hair in Chicago, we know that comfort is just as important as appearance when it comes to wearing your chemo wig. Tuck your hair behind your ears can be a lifelong habit that does not need to change. For women who are physically active, wearing your wig swept away from your face may be preferable, especially during workouts.

How To Tuck Your Wig Behind Your Ears

You can tuck your wig behind your ears regardless of whether it is a human hair wig or synthetic hair wig. If you would like, our wig specialists can cut tiny baby hairs into your human hair wig where it rests near your ears, creating an even more natural look when the hair is pushed back in any way. You can tuck using a cute headband, sweep it into an elegant updo or twist it into edgy braids without fear! You should never use a clip or hair band on a synthetic wig. However, there is no harm in wearing the hair looped behind your ears.

Advances in wig construction and materials have ushered in the era of the ultra versatile, ultra natural wigs. The ability to tuck your wig behind your ears stems in part from this modernization. These developments include lace front caps which make it look like the individual hairs are growing right from your forehead. So when you think about getting a wig, do not allow perceptions based on history to limit your imagination. Schedule a consultation with Chrysalis Custom Hair in Elmhurst, Illinois today to see the many options available to you.


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