Ensure a Proper Fit

Ensure a proper fit is that main problem that would lead to wig blow off in the wind.  This is a problem for those that choose to buy cancer wigs directly off the rack, without the shaping and exact customization that we offer to our customers.  Also, our wigs feature silicone grips to help keep the wigs in place and firmly on your head. However, while your wig is completely safe to wear out on windy days, we do not recommend wearing one if the winds are strong enough to damage structures or knock over poles; this is a dangerous situation to put yourself in, wig or no wig.

Options To Secure Your Wig

Options to secure your wig and make sure your hair doesn’t budge. You can wear a hat or stretchy headband over your wig. It will serve as  added protection against any strong winds that might make you nervous. If this still doesn’t make you feel secure enough, you can always store your wig in a plastic bag in your purse and wear a hat until you arrive at your destination. Another option would be to wear a wig grip band. This is a sort of head band that is worn under a wig to give it extra protections against slipping.

At Chrysalis Custom Wigs Chicago, we provide our customers with excellent quality wigs that are specifically made for each individual. With expertly fitted wigs, there’s no need to worry about wig blow off in the wind; they were made to look good and still be practical enough for everyday use. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your wig or if you are interested in our services, please contact us here.