Wig Brush – What Kind Should I Use?

What Wig Brush Should I Use?

What kind of wig brush should I use? Chrysalis Custom Hair highlights the important aspects of caring for custom wigs like a cancer wig, including brushing, washing, and styling. If you have recently purchased a wig, you probably have questions about how to properly care for it. One of the questions that you may ask is, what kind of wig brushes should I use? Read on and we’ll help you learn how to brush a wig or you can schedule a consultation today!

An everyday hairbrush is not the best choice for your wig. Wigs need to be treated gently, and the brush that you would use for your natural hair may tear the cap or pull out the hairs of your wig. Instead, we suggest using a wide tooth comb (see our youtube video for how to brush a human hair wig with a comb above). If you have a human hair wig, you can try a flat paddle version with pin teeth as well. Many brushes resemble a paddle with pin teeth but not all are compatible with use on a hair piece. A paddle brush that has straight teeth and has little balls on the ends of the teeth will cause breakage. A brush that’s teeth are in a zig zag pattern will also damage the wig. The brush that is designed for wigs will not cause breakage.

How to Brush a Wig to Keep it Looking it’s Best?

To make sure that your wig stays looking beautiful and undamaged, keep these tips in mind:

  • Do not brush a wet wig. This is especially true for human hair wigs. Hair is weakest when wet, so it is best to let it air dry before brushing.
  • Use your wig brush and use a motion from the bottom up. Meanwhile, it is  important not to get too close to the cap, as the teeth of a comb or pins from a hair brush can snag the cap and tear it. Instead, start at the ends of the hair and work your way up.
  • Use smooth, gentle strokes. Using too much force will cause hair to fall out. Try not to rush; if you take your time and are careful with your wig, you’ll see great results.

By using the right styling techniques and treating your wig with care, your wig will not only look great, but it will last a long time also. For any other questions about your wig, feel free to contact us for expert advice on wig care, fitting, and styling.

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