Wig Fit: The Importance of Ear Tabs

Wig Fit

One of the factors that helps ensure your chemo wig is comfortable, sits correctly on your head and is secure is proper wig fit. Believe it or not, ear tabs play a critical role in achieving the perfect fit. While they are small and unnoticeable to others, this feature makes all of the difference in the experience of wearing your wig. Chrysalis Custom Hair specializes in helping you get the perfect fit for custom wigs. Read on to learn more or, if you are in Chicago, call us to schedule your wig consultation.

Ear Tabs On Wigs

Most natural hair wigs and synthetic wigs are designed with ear tabs, which lay in front of your ear and rest near your temple. They are sewn into the underside of the wig cap, making them virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the wig to everyone but you. A metal stay - similar to a collar stay for dress shirts - is located within the tab. The tabs bend to allow for a comfortable wig fit by keeping the front of the wig stable and secure. You can even bend them around your glasses! When correctly adjusted, they also make your synthetic hair wig or human hair wig look most natural.

Where Should Ear Tabs On A Wig Go?

To adjust the ear tabs on your wig, pinch them and move the front of the wig from side to side until the tabs are level with each other. Bend them inwards so that they hug the sides of your temples. It is very important to make sure the ear tabs are tucked in. This will create a natural look and ensure the best wig fit. You do not want them to wing outwards which could make your wig look "wiggy".

They may be small, but wig tabs are a big deal when it comes to proper wig fit. They will help keep your wig in place and looking like your biological hair even when you are active or outside on a windy day. Find out how amazing a wig can look and feel by scheduling a complimentary consultation at Chrysalis Custom Hair Chicago or Chrysalis Custom Hair Elmhurst today.