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Wig with Optune by Novocure

Wear A Wig With Optune

A wig can be worn over an Optune device. The wig will stay in place and actually help keep the device cool and glued down.

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Custom wigs fit the exact measurement of your head and are cut, colored, and styled according to your preference of human hair or synthetic hair wig. Those who want the most natural look prefer custom made wigs. Depending on your timeline some wigs can be made to include your every specification. Wigs can be all lace, have a widows peak added, or be created on any kind or color of fabric you would like. They can be made to have your own curl pattern whether that is extremely curly or just a little wavy.  Baby hairs can be built in or added on.  You can even have a swirl pattern added if that what you’d like. These ultra custom wigs can take up to 4 months to create. If you need a wig  sooner than that Chrysalis Custom Hair has hundred of custom wigs in stock that have already been sewn together. All that’s left to do is customize it to mimic your color and hair style.

Making a custom wig yourself is challenging, and time consuming. Hand-stitching a wig takes more than 100 hours, costing $1600 or more. The single most important thing you need is to be trained in the highly specialized field of wig making. You will need six bundles of hair at a minimum of 10 inches or more in length, a mesh or lace wig cap, white marker, canvas block, tripod, wig ventilating tools, needle and thread, scissors, and T pins.  Based on the type of hair you’ve chosen, the density selected, the curl pattern, and whether you intend to use a monofilament technique, your wig could take 4-6 months to complete. 
The cost of custom human hair wigs in 2023 starts at around $2,400 and ranges as high as $20,000 for the finest quality Remy human hair wigs. 

A number of online wig shops offer custom wigs. They will attempt to help you get the right measurements and show you wigs virtually.  These wigs, once made, are not returnable and the companies will not offer further assistance once you have received the product. Most novices, even with guidance, are not able to get accurate measurements for a perfect fit. Without seeing, touching, and trying on the hair there is no way to tell if it is going to pass as natural looking. Online stores use special lighting to hide flaws such as hair that is too shiny or thick and thus looks “wiggy”.  You can certainly get a cheaper wig by ordering online but be prepared to accept that the product that may not be what you were hoping for.